Thetan Arena, with the advantage of being an eSports game, so the economy does not close that other economic branches can participate in the game as advertising of brands in offline, online, or streaming tournaments. The form of franchise characters in the game. This will supplement significant financing for the project without affecting the player experience. And Thetan Arena players can ultimately play for free.

Thetan Arena has many differences.
  1. The gameplay has been tested and finished in 3 years
  2. Diverse and attractive gameplay, combine MOBA and Battle Royale. You can play solo, duo, and 4 people.
  3. The Play-to-Earn model of Thetan Arena is Free-to-Earn = Free-to-Play + Play-to-Earn will last a lot of traditional players
  4. Wolffungame plans to build streaming systems to help streamers can make money in the process of streaming Thetan Arena
  5. The gameplay of Thetan Arena is highly expanded, which can develop a lot of play modes and special events in the future and can be said to be unlimited
  6. Thetan Arena is a Skills-to-Win game, not a Pay-to-Win. Heroes' skills and players' skills decide the match.