• There will be Special Events organised by Thetan Area which allows $THG and unique crypto collectibles (NFTs) to be earned.
  • Participating in tournaments will allow users to earn $THG.
  • Participating in the Marketplace will allow users to earn $THG.


  • Users would receive $THG rewards by staking Thetan Heroes and participating in a variety of ecosystem games and tasks, for example completing certain challenges, outperforming other players, accruing play-time, introducing new users to the game, or participating in governance.  

  • In order to promote decentralized community governance for the network, $THG would allow holders to create and vote on on-chain governance proposals to determine future features and/or parameters of Thetan Arena (the right to vote is restricted solely to voting on features of Thetan Arena; it does not entitle $THG holders to vote on the operation and management of the Company, its affiliates, or their assets or the disposition of such assets to token holders, or select the board of directors of these entities, or determine the development direction of these entities, does not constitute any equity interest in any of these entities or any collective investment scheme; the arrangement is not intended to be any form of joint venture or partnership).

Claim THG Token

Players can claim THG token (Thetan Gem) from gTHG earned in the game.
First THG claiming requires Player Account to have been created for at least 12 days. After that, players can claim once every 72 hours.

Transaction fee

  • A 4% fee based on THG claimed will be charged in gTHG
  • Minimum chargeable fee: 5 gTHG