Heroes are the main element of Thetan Arena. Each hero has its own design, fury, and abilities, making the gameplay very diverse and urging players to own a lot of heroes at the same time. Over time, many players end up with a bunch of heroes stacked in the inventory.

This explains why Fusion has been desired by the players for so long, because it allows many heroes to be fused into a new one and solves the stacked heroes issue along the way. Besides, with Fusion, players can make use of heroes with exhausted gTHC Battles that can no longer earn from battles.

Fusion is going to be released as a special event from 23rd May to 30th May. Players have the chance to receive legendary and epic heroes by fusing heroes and competing in a small competition to earn rewards simultaneously.


  • Why the fusion cost is so high?
    Fusion cost will be determined by Hero's Rarity, Levels, and Premium Battles lefts. The higher value of your Hero, the lower fee for Fusion.
  • Why there is no big difference in the price between Fusion and Buying a new box?
    Fusion feature guarantees you can get a Limited Hero. When the output hero is not as you want, you can choose to click "Refresh" until you get the hero you desire. Opening a Box, on the other hand, might give you unwanted Heroes.
  • Why Fusion is a beneficial feature?
    The total amount input value for Fusion is always lower than the output value.
  • What are the other benefits of the Fusion event?
    Hero Fusion Special Event also creates a chance for all users can get gTHG rewards by taking part in the Top 50 of Leaderboard or achieving milestones of Fusion Rewards.