(Participate in Hero Trading by following the link https://bit.ly/3yCDIuy)

As part of the plan to leverage the experience of users, a unique event in Thetan Arena will utilise the usage of NFT heroes, which is named Hero Trading. The special event is designed for Thetan Arena users to maximise their benefits with NFT Heroes by putting them into greater use and earning token rewards.
A different type of hero will be required for each session based on 4 criteria: class, trophy-class, level and skin rarity. One criterion will change after the conclusion of every session. Users are strongly recommended to diversify the NFT heroes in their inventory to ensure their eligibility for a session.

When participating in Hero Trading, any transaction of NFT Heroes in THC, including selling, buying, and rental, will count toward the personal milestone of each user, from which they can receive gTHG as a reward. The transactions will have to meet certain requirements regarding the heroes (level, rarity).
Additionally, users can earn more gTHG rewards as they climb the leaderboard by conducting more transactions than others.
Last but not least, users can choose to maximise their earnings from Hero Trading by completing daily challenges. Each challenge requires the users to carry out particular actions, rewarding them with gTHC.
The Hero Trading event serves as one part of a series of experiences from Thetan Arena to the community. There are plans for new releases down the road, starting with the upcoming Marketplace Quest feature that, if combined with several other events and features, will create more excitement for all users.