What is Coinbase Loot?
To celebrate the integration of Coinbase Wallet on our marketplace, we giveaway a Coinbase Loot for each user connecting Coinbase Wallet to their Thetan Arena account the first time.
What’s hot with Coinbase Loot?
  • The first Loot box gives you FREE Common, Epic, and even Legendary NFT heroes.
  • Other attractive gifts are Power Points and Epic NFT Cosmetic item - Banana Spaceship.
Requirements to claim Coinbase Loot
  • You need to have a Thetan Arena account and login into the game
  • From July 13, you need to connect your Coinbase wallet to your Thetan account. It can be either a brand new wallet or imported from Metamask. Any wallet connection before this time does not count.
Preparation guidelines
  • Each account can only claim 1 box
  • After being claimed, the gift box will appear in the user's Inventory
  • Users will be able to open after 24 hours after receiving the boxes
  • Drop rate and available items
  • The first 10,000 users will claim the most attractive rewards as per the above probability
  • The NFT heroes from Coinbase Loot will only have 50% gTHC battles compared to typical heroes from Thetan Boxes.