Season Pass: The Season Pass is a premium mission package available for purchase by players. When you own the Season Pass, you have the opportunity to complete missions to earn valuable rewards. You can earn EXP by participating in matches and completing daily quests. Each time you level up in the Season Tier, you unlock the chance to purchase exclusive items. You can also upgrade to the Premium Pass to unlock even more attractive items.

There are two types of Season Pass:

  1. Free Pass: This pass is available for free to all players and offers some basic rewards.

  2. Rival Pass and Rival Pass Plus: These are the premium versions of the Season Pass.

When you reach specific milestones, you have the opportunity to purchase special rewards. Please note that after reaching a milestone, you'll need to use Season Points to claim those rewards.

Always check the remaining time of the event in the upper-left corner to ensure you don't miss out on any rewards!