Our Objectives:

1. Mitigate Conflicts of Interest:

Within our diverse community, various perspectives coexist, and we appreciate every contribution. Our aim is to enhance and elevate the quality of our experiences without compromising common interests.

2. Support and Mutual Respect:

We encourage civilized discourse, understanding that diverse opinions may lead to disagreements. In such situations, we endeavor to find common ground. Misunderstandings or frustrations arising from good intentions should never serve as justification for personal insults. A healthy community should never make anyone feel uncomfortable or threatened.

3. Responsiveness:

We take accountability for our actions, and when we err, we take corrective measures promptly. We take pride in our responsiveness to user communication, be it questions, issues, or compliments. If something is amiss, we intervene to rectify the situation.

4. Seek Assistance When Uncertain:

Thetan is dedicated to nurturing a welcoming and supportive environment for all participants. We recognize that everyone may have gaps in their knowledge, and we are committed to filling those gaps. Asking questions when uncertain can help prevent further complications, and as such, inquiries are highly encouraged within our community. Those approached with questions should reciprocate with responsiveness and assistance.

5. Transparency:

The Thetan Rivals community thrives on the contributions of numerous individuals. We cherish collaborative efforts within our community, which enhance the quality of our offerings. Transparency stands as a fundamental value, as we intend to duly acknowledge those who have contributed to this project.

6. Equity and Consistency:

While we respect diverse viewpoints and the disagreements they may entail, we seek common ground in dissent. Thetan Rivals anticipates that participants and project members will constructively resolve disagreements while upholding mutual rights and interests, consistent with the Code of Conduct. It is our collective responsibility to foster a safe and sound community.

7. Safety and Well-being:

Thetan Rivals is committed to maintaining a secure and healthy community. This includes raising awareness of situations that may make members of the Thetan Rivals community feel unfairly treated or threatened. Should you encounter behaviors within the community that contravene our Code of Conduct, we encourage you to express your concerns respectfully to the concerned individuals or groups.

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