At Wolffun Games, we maintain a strict stance against the use of "bot" and "mod" software in our games, considering it a form of cheating. We strongly discourage our players from engaging in such activities within Thetan Rivals. The use of such software is in direct violation of our terms of service and may result in severe penalties on player accounts.

Third-Party Software Explanation

Third-party software encompasses unauthorized applications designed to manipulate gameplay. These applications alter the core functionalities of our games with the aim of providing an unfair advantage to players. Simultaneously, their use poses significant risks to player accounts and privacy.

Examples of third-party software include:

  1. "Mods": These are hacks or programs that modify game functionalities, often with the intent to gain an unfair advantage.

  2. "Bots": These refer to services or scripts that automate gameplay, allowing players to progress without active participation.

  3. Any Other Software: This category includes any software designed to modify gameplay or grant unearned progress, directly contravening our fair play principles.

We are committed to ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all our players. We urge our community members to respect our terms of service and refrain from using third-party software that compromises the integrity of our games. Cheating not only undermines the spirit of fair competition but also jeopardizes the security and enjoyment of our games for all players.